Quickly find out who  wants💰 your product 💡 ideas

What if launching websites to validate new ideas could feel like snapping a 📸 ?   IdeaSnap generates simple, clear product validation sites for you in seconds... ⏱️

Now testing ideas is as easy as dreaming them up...

Generate sites in 120 seconds.

No joke, answer a couple of questions and our system creates a beautiful template for you to customize.

All the essential content.

Hero, problem statement, highlights, and FAQ's are the perfect light-weight starting point to say just enough about your idea.

Understand buying intent.

Ask visitors their level of purchase intention, from "just looking" to "I‘d pay right now to be the first customer."

Creative Type?

Validate every idea💡 at the speed of thought ⚡️

Ideasnap streamlines the process of idea site building and gets you a link to send out, fast! Go from idea to launched in just a few minutes...


Never let another big idea get away.

Even for builders like us, the friction of launching validation sites means too many ideas wither up, stuck in our heads... then years later we see a new startup and think...

Wait! – I had that idea... coulda, shoulda, woulda... 


Find your  true fans  and build what works.

We built IdeaSnap so you can (almost) literally think a validation website into existence, find your fans and build your next side project with confidence.

Excuses, gone.  FOMO?... eradicated!  

Create websites instantly – start free!   ➔

The reviews are in.

Got questions?
Here's some  answers

There's free demo mode, yup – no credit card required. Create sub-domain sites on youridea.ideasnap.co to test out the process but the real magic comes with an upgrade to GPT-4 powered pro account and your own domain.

We've chosen a minimalist approach to start, focusing on conveying the problem and driving sign-ups to your wait-list.

Check out MindStack's – collaborative AI-driven innovation to see the design template.

For now we've enabled text editing and image upload / cropping fields for theme image and logo, and a handful of great looking built-in fonts to choose from

Because we're razor-focused on building a high-converting validation website solution, we don't want to get caught up competing with generic site builders on stuff like design customization.  We promise our design will always look great on any screen size and serve to validate your ideas fast.

Our custom solution won't import your content, but you can paste your copy into our generator and see what our prompt turns out, getting all the benefits of our built-in list builder and validation backend.

Validate all of your ideas, instantly.